Welcome to Landwise: A Women & Land Library. We have a robust search engine designed to meet the needs of advanced and novice searchers alike. This guide  will give you an overview of what is possible.

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Keyword Search

When using a keyword search, keep these rules in mind:
  • The search is not case sensitive.
  • The system will accept the following boolean operators: AND, OR, and NOT. Boolean operators do not have to be in all capitals.


                china and marriage
                china not marriage
                china or india and marriage

  • The system does not automatically insert the "AND" boolean operator joins between disparate words. Instead, it will interpret multiple words strung together without a boolean operator as a specific phrase.


                Correct:    china and marriage and law

                Incorrect:    china marriage law

  • You can use an asterisk * to denote a wildcard. 

               Example:  The below search will pull up any results that have the word "land" in the beginning (e.g. land, lands, landlord, etc.)


Narrowing Search Results

Users can narrow down search results by selecting specific filters. The system will automatically detect which filters are available and display them for you in the left hand column:
Please note: If you want to search multiple categories at once, see the section on Field Search below.


Field Search

  • Users can directly search within specific fields.
Example:  To search for an item with the title "Marriage Law" enter the following search string into the main search box:
       title: marriage law
Here is a list of all the fields you can search on using this method:
  • jurisdiction
  • collection
  • title
  • item_content_type
  • description
  • published
  • record_title
  • item_file_name
  • record_creator
  • url
  • country
  • topics
  • record_description
  • language
  • publication_date
  • You can also search multiple fields at once by using Boolean operators.
Example:  The following search will bring up records that have the word Sweden in the title and cover the topic of inheritance:
        topics:inheritance and title:sweden