This brief details a project that implemented the Starting With Women (SWW) approach with three mining associations in one district in Karamoja in the northern part of Uganda from 2018-2019. It describes the context of the project, how the SWW approach was adapted to that context, and key initial results. It draws primarily from the project's Baseline Study Report, Mid-Term Review Brief, and Endline Study Report.

Starting With Women: Findings from Implementation with Artisanal Miners in Karamoja, Uganda

Starting With Women (SWW) is an approach that centers women in design and implementation. Its starting point is the belief that women’s land rights can be made more secure through an approach that starts with women. The long-term aim of the project was to establish a viable, evidence-backed, women-centered strategy for improving outcomes for women engaging in artisanal mining, by increasing the benefits artisanal miners gained in mining activities and by ensuring that those benefits would be shared equally among women and men. A related long-term goal was increased protection of customary surface land use rights.