Full Citation: Jianjun, L., et al., New and Emerging Developments in Gender and Law in China, (Wellesley Centers for Women, 2009).

New and Emerging Developments in Gender and Law in China

This report is a compilation of the papers presented by Chinese gender and the law experts on new and emerging developments in gender-based law reform in China at a closed-door strategy meeting at Wellesley College in September 2009. The Chinese gender and law experts have both individually and collectively made a significant mark on China’s gender and law landscape. The experts were asked to reflect on the new and emerging women and law developments in China in their papers and presentations and assess the most urgent challenges facing women in China in the 21st Century; the strengths and weaknesses of those laws; what strategies worked and the dynamics of legal and social change on behalf of women. Although categories overlap, the papers examine, domestic violence, sexual harassment, gender based employment discrimination and rural women’s access to land.