Full citation: Deininger, K., Goyal, A. and Nagarajan, H., "Women's Inheritance Rights and Intergenerational Transmission of Resources in India," 46 THE JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOUCES 2 (2013). - Using inheritance patterns over three generations of individuals, this study assesses the impact of changes in the Hindu Succession Act, which grant daughters equal coparcenary birth rights in joint family property, that were denied to daughters in the past. The study shows that the amendment significantly increased daughters’ likelihood to inherit land, but that even after the amendment, substantial bias persists. There were no detectable changes before the legal amendment, with a sharp increase in land bequests to daughters occurring only after HSAA became effective. The effect persists over time, showing a modest but significant upward trend, in line with a gradual pattern of dissemination and learning. [Threats to Women’s Land Tenure Security and Effectiveness of Interventions - Annotated Bibliography]

Women's Inheritance Rights and Intergenerational Transmission of Resources in India

This is a data source for the Research Consortium's Inheritance Rights for Daughters Infographic - Greater educational attainment.